Newborn photography truly is a very special experience. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your baby’s first professional photographer! It means so much to me that I am able to capture these precious memories for you here in my Townsville studio. My space has been designed specifically for newborn and baby photography and you will find everything you need here when you arrive.


Newborn photography is best taken in those first 2 months after baby is born so we try to arrange your session between 7-28 days where possible in order to get those gorgeous sleepy, curly poses. I also have captured babies up to 8 weeks of age in newborn sessions quite comfortably. We are finding babies from 14-28 days on to be much more settled. With that in mind, it really is best if you book during your pregnancy as early as possible so that we can pencil in your due date. From that point, it is up to baby to decide when they arrive. If you get in touch with me once your baby is born, we can find a date that suits us both as soon as possible within those first two weeks.

Everything we need for your session is supplied including all wraps, drops, outfits and props. You will absolutely love looking through my extensive props collection and helping select all of the beautiful fabrics and accessories for your baby’s images. If you have a special prop like a family heirloom blanket or special toy that you would like included in your photographs, please let me know before your session so that we can try and incorporate it on the day.



To help the session run smoothly, I do ask that you bring a dummy, even if your baby isn’t currently using one. Don’t worry! We just like to have it as a soothing option if other methods don’t work on the day and the very small amount of time that we may need to use one certainly won’t have any impact on your baby. It’s also very helpful if you dress baby without a singlet before your session so that we don’t have to disturb them too much when you arrive.

To help us on the day, I ask that you try and give baby a full feed before arriving. But don’t stress! We allow for feeding and cuddles throughout the session as well. This just helps start the day of smoothly. Make sure you bring plenty of milk with you – however you are feeding of course. We may need to stop for feeds or little top-ups at various points.

If your baby has a health condition, please let me know before the day. For more information, a detailed welcome guide will be sent to you before your session to help you prepare for your visit here to the studio.



I love working with your older siblings and you will absolutely adore images that are taken of your babies together! If you have an active, unsettled sibling, I do ask that you bring someone with you to help entertain and supervise them. There are lots of props in the studio and breakages must be paid for. Sibling photos are not guaranteed but I have lots of patience and we do our best. It definitely helps to bring their favourite toys to play with, iPads, snacks and drinks.