It really is the best way to celebrate your baby’s first 365 days around the sun! A birthday cake smash is so much fun, for the whole family! There is no better way to celebrate this very special day than to head to the studio and eat an entire cake with your hands while your adoring fans cheer you on. All while being photographed by me of course! It really is the best day out … and not just for your little one. You’ll laugh until you cry watching them spread mess from one end of my studio to the other. But don’t worry, because that’s the whole idea! We finish with an adorable splash in the tub which is a great way to clean off all of that cakey goodness and also makes for some very cute photos!

Looking to celebrate your older baby’s birthday? Like the idea of taking the smash outside? Or maybe you’re not that into cake and want to try something different? Of course! Let’s design a session that works for you! If you’re looking for a Townsville cake smash photographer, pick me! I’d love to spend the day with you and your very important little person.