I am always complimented on how easy going and relaxed my family sessions are. The children get to explore new areas and just be themselves. My style of family photography is relaxed posing. Photographing little children can be chaos and I embrace that – they are happy and healthy and fun! My goal is to get to know your perfectly imperfect family and capture you just the way you are.


Working out what to wear to your family session can be the most challenging part of the whole experience! But don’t worry because I’m here to help. Firstly, it’s so important that you are comfortable, so wear the kinds of clothes that feel right on you. Your family photos are a representative of you and your loved ones, so wear things that you will still enjoy looking at in the years to come!

When it comes to colours, a mix of tones and patterns with a complimentary theme is a great idea. Don’t go too matchy matchy but pick a palette of colours that work well together and spread them evenly between your family members. If we are shooting at the beach or the forest, it’s a great idea to wear something that you’ll be able to wear comfortably in that environment too!



Family sessions are great fun but they are often fast pace and quite busy! It’s a great idea to bring along drinks and snacks, particularly for the kids, so that you can keep hydrated and happy during the experience! It’s also a great idea to pop some wipes or a small towel in your bag so that you can sort out any spills or accidental steps in muddy puddles! We often set up on a nice rug which I’ll bring along on the day but if you have something special you would like to use, bring it with you.

It’s a great idea if your little ones have had a rest before the session and bring along a change of clothes – particularly if we are shooting at the beach. Pants and shoes can end up very sandy and wet and you’ll want them in something warm for the drive home!



If you have never had a professional photo shoot before or your children are quite young, chances are that you’re feeling nervous about how it is going to go on the day! In fact, the same might be felt if you are bringing teenagers (or reluctant partners) along on the adventure. All I can say is, don’t worry! I’ve been taking family photographs here in Townsville for a long time and there isn’t a trick in the book that I don’t know to get your children smiling and every member of the family having a great time!

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