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LOVE THAT PHOTO Terms and Conditions

The Client

1.       Your booking fee must be paid to secure your booking. This is due at time of booking, the balance must be paid in full 1 week prior to your session, unless you have agreed to a payment plan with Love That Photo.

2.       Reproduction of images without consent from the photographer is unlawful and strictly prohibited. Scanning, screen capturing, and printing of images are all considered copyright infringement.

3.       Love That Photo owns the Copyright in all photographs.

4.       Purchase of a print collection session is not compulsory, but please note that if you wish to order a print session that there is a $495 minimum order required for Family sessions, $550 for Newborn sessions and Maternity,  $250 minimum spend on cake smash sessions and $300 on children sessions. Some Digital files are given with all print sessions. Love That Photo Photography pricing is non-negotiable and subject to change at any time.

5.       Model Release: I/We give permission to Love That Photo Photography to use any image of our sitting for industry competitions and for reasonable general promotional advertising for the Studio. The usage for any other purpose is to be renegotiated between the parties and requires specific permission by us.


1.       The photographs made by the studio are manufactured with the finest and latest materials available, the Studio unconditionally guarantees them. If in the client’s opinion any photography produced by the studio has lost its original colour or density, the studio will replace the photograph at 50% of the then current selling price. The original must be returned and the reprinting charge paid in advance. The warranty will be valid for as long at the studio has in its possession the original digital files in a printable condition.

2.       The Studio shall carry out this assignment with due care and diligence, however there are elements beyond the studios control including faulty material, equipment failure, damaged and corrupted digital image files, loss of digital files between studio and laboratories employed by the Studio, industrial disputes, sickness, laboratory closures or weather conditions which may inhibit the progress and performance of the assignment (session). The studio shall be limited to a refund in part or full at the sole discretion of the studio.


By clicking submit, you are indicating that you agree with my terms and conditions PRIOR to making a booking.  Your booking is not guaranteed until your booking fee is paid. Your booking fee is deducted from your chosen package. Love That Photo Photography pricing is non-negotiable and subject to change at any time, but is guaranteed once your session fee has been paid.