Capturing your gorgeous growing baby in beautiful imagery is a wonderful thing to do at any age. I love to photograph babies at any stage in their development and to celebrate any milestone that is important to you. Of course, newborn photography in those first two weeks is very popular, but so is the adorable ‘sitter’ age between 7 and 9 months. As soon as your baby can sit confidentently for a reasonable length of time, it’s a great excuse to book in for your next photography session!


You will notice such an incredible change in your baby in the months between their newborn session and their first birthday. The sitter period is particularly cute!  Babies are generally quite smiley and easily amused during this stage so photography is often lots of fun! They do tire easily though so we certainly work fast and schedule the session to suit a time when your baby is well rested, fed and happy!


Dressing your baby for a sitter session is half the fun! We can generally handle a few outfit changes during the time period but don’t overdo it because we all know that one of the most challenging parts of your day is convincing your baby to get dressed! That being said, there are so many cute outfits available for sitters! And of course we have plenty of beautiful props, fabrics and head pieces here in studio ready for you to choose as well!


Bring along your baby’s favourite toys to keep them entertainment and music on your phone often works well too! Snacks and a drink are a must! If we can manage to schedule these sessions while baby is sitting and before they are walking, even better! The less we all have to run. But those adorable toddlers are welcome too of course! Every baby session is a joy to photograph!



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