Theo turns 2

A cake smash to celebrate your little one’s birthday is such a wonderful way to capture those memories of them when they are so little. Yes they are messy but little one’s love them, particularly the bubble bath at the end.

Ususally held to celebrate turning one, but you can hold them at any age, even adults have cake smash, yes you read that correctly. There are so many themes and creative ways to bring together a cake smash, they really are a whole lot of fun.

Here is darling little Theo celebrating turning 2!! Quite shy to begin with, which is usually how it goes, but with the help of big sister he started to really enjoy smashing his cake and eating it too. But the big winner of the day was his bubble bath at the end. Bubble bath’s are great for parents too, they take home clean bubba’s after a messy cake smash.

Love That Photo Photography will work with you to create a theme, which can be very simple or more involved, its up to you. Would you like to chat about a cake smash for your little one, please get in touch

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