Happy Birthday Mya, I know I say this all the time but it always surprises me how my newborns grow so fast. 

More often than not our little one year olds are very shy at their cake smash sessions. First up we put a cake in front of them and encourage them to make the biggest mess possible and its perfectly ok. I think this is the part I love most about photographing these sessions, they look from one parent to the other and I am sure they are thinking really! You want me to make a huge mess! It doesnt take long for them to say ok you asked for it and off they go having a fabulous time. There are some little cutie pies who remain shy but as soon as the bubble bath comes out we will see the hugest smiles. I always say to parents when children are this little they are absolutely adoring even without huge smiles, you really cannot take a bad photo of toddlers and to be honest I think the serious little faces are the best.