Newborn twins Rory&Jasper. Pure delight! These are the words I use everytime I see this delightful family. I first met Rory&Jasper’s mum and dad when they were expecting their first little boy Parker. To hear they were now expecting twins omg how excited was I 🙂 Parker now has 2 little brothers and its all boys for this sweet family. It was all not without some very heavy trauma though with mum being tested positive for covid soon after the twins arrived. The twins were premmie arriving at 34+5 weeks and were transferred to NICU at our local public hospital. Mum was to go from the private hospital over to NICU to feed babies. But tested positive! Mum&Dad were told they couldn’t continue to see their boys and also couldn’t return to the their private hospital either. They felt abandoned and disregarded. The last time mum had seen her boys was when they were 32 hours old. She wouldn’t see them again for another 7 days. The twins were also put into isolation. Both parents are fully vacinated and had elected to test for the safety of other babies in the NICU ward. Finally it was agreed to allow dad in to feed bubs. Mum expressed every day and dad would go and feed their little ones. Such a traumatic experience but I am pleased to say both boys are doing extremely well and they are all together now as a family of 5.

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